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Did Satan ever lied or killed anyone?
How have Satan deluded Adam and Eve into commiting a sin if, according the very judeo-christian bible, both Adam and Eve weren't able of commiting sins before eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil? But it's ok, the Jewish god punished them anyway... The message here is stay way from real knowledge and power, or a kike in the sky will punish you even if it is not wrong after all...

Then Satan is the lier and bringer of all evil and wars? If you know the basics who was the one who demanded killing everyone of whole tribes, including innocent children and babies, like in I Samuel 15:3 (80% of the bible is the same) because god hated a single person? It was not Satan, was the Jewish god Jehova. This character is not only a coward murder who kill innocents but also a lier, as he is not "omnipotent", since he couldn't kill with his own hands and demanded his "chosen ones" to do such, nor "omniscient" as he didn't knew beforehand they would disobey and not kill everyone, then he went mad of surprise and demands then to come back and kill everyone. Same for his ficticious son Jesus who said that everything in the old testament was valid and the word of the "good" god. Interesting but not surprisingly there is no part in the bible that Satan kill or lie, or ask others to do such. Satan never begined any war, it was always the Jewish ficticious gods Allah and Jehova who begined wars against those who not agreed with them.

Satan is the eldest God worshipped by mankind, and while his name means "enemy" and "foe" in Hebrew (a relatively new language which was barely derived from hindi), his name means "TRUTH" and "TRUE CREATOR" in Sanskrit, the eldest of writen languages (over 10,000 years old) when he was worshipped in the Age known as "Golden Age" before the arriving of the vile programs of christianity and its twin of islam, bringing misery and loss of human life in which was known as the Dark Ages.

Who Satan really is?
Mankind's enemy or a lovely Father?

Auschwitz - Why The Gas Chambers Are A Hoax

Holohoax survivors who actualy tells the truth


The Jewish Rape, Murder And Destruction Of Free Germany

Who Were the real perpetrators in the Second World War?
The Jewish Communists exterminated 12% of the Lithuanian population alone. The Jewish NKVD would force hundreds of women and child into box cars and then lock them shut and set them on fire.

Its no mistake the Lithuanian nation still has open Waffen-SS veteran parades and memorials. They damn well know what they were fighting for.

Interesing but not suprising during the Second Jew War. The German military did not have situations of rape of the populace by its troops. The penality for such in the German forces was death and it would be enforced. But it didn't need to be enforced as the Germans as historians noted. Simply didn't rape. General Patton was right. The German's where the finest race in Europe. And he regretted the war against them. Patton also came to hate the Jews and become wise to them. So much so, they murdered him.

It was the Jewish owned and driven. Red Army and the American's that committed rape. Infact the Red Army on orders from Jewish Commissar's had the policy of rape of females from eight to eighty. Solzhenitsyn, who was an officer in the Red Army and was naturally disgusted by it. Wrote then when the orders came to finally halt the rape gangs. As the new Communist reigme in East Germanys stated it was making it too impossible to restore order and build the Communist state. That hordes of Red Army troops had to be shot to stop them. By their own officers. Basically from what Solzhenitsyn stated the Red Army from Moscow to Berlin was drunk on Vodka and rape. Solzhenitsyn stated that the constant rape dehumanized his own men into animals with the taste for it. Till it consumed them to the point he had to start shooting them as the only way to stop them.


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I love your art!
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Thank you, love yours too :D
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Thank you, even though this is not my real birth-date (in order to avoid astrological trolling).
Anyway thanks for caring :D
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No problem. :)
chugboat Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
How exactly would one go about contacting "Father Satan?" Not a Troll comment, just curious.
egon88 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Student General Artist
1. Being sincere.
2. Opening your astral senses through power meditation
3. Working to correct myths and prejudices against Satan and Satanism.
All of this is explained how at
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